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Dear LitvakSiggers,

Can any of you read Lithuanian? I have acquired a 1925 Anyksciai
property owners street map (called a cadastral map, I believe),
which shows individual houses and Jewish Institutions, and a list
of the Jewish house dwellers and/or house owners, by street name,
then street number. This information is invaluable for anyone with
ancestors who lived in or had ties to Anyksciai (Aniksht in Yiddish)
around 1925.

During the czarist era, Anyksciai was in Kovno guberniya, Ukmerge Uyezd.
In 1925, the recently formed independent Republic of Lithuania was
conducting house map surveys of all its cities, towns and hamlets in order
to assess taxes. I believe that is why this map and list were created.

I have compared the names on the property owners list to those on a
number of searchable online databases on LitvakSig, JewishGen and Yad
Vashem (Pages of Testimony) and have made a high percentage of

The map and list is accompanied by an important explanatory text in
Lithuanian, which I cannot read. That's where you come in.

If you have any proficiency in reading printed Lithuanian (not
handwritten), or know someone who does, then please check out the
text on VIEWMATE, file no. VM15095.

Here's a direct link:

This street map and house owners' list could be a very valuable resource
for a great many Idlach with ties to Anyksciai.

Best to all,
Lewis Chilton
California USA

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