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Howard Margol has told me a number of times that no know vital civil
records for Calvaria currently exist. Are there "any" records that might
indicate my great grandfather's Louis Rubin? I cannot discover anything
for him before his immigration to Nashville in 1877. I don't know why a
Jew >from Eastern Europe would immigrate to Nashville, let alone even know
about such a place. My thoughts are that Louis either knew a home town
friend/relative that was already there, and the South was a textile
center as was the Calvaria area of Lithuania.I am not sure of the Rubin
spelling in Lithuania.

As an interesting side note, Louis went to work for the Tennessee
Manufacturing Company that a predecessor of the still existing Werthan
Bag Company. If you recall the Dan Aykroyd film "Driving Miss Daisey",
his family were the Werthans. His character moved to Israel, but I did
have an opportunity to speak to his brother who still resides in Nashville.
Some scenes were even filmed in the Werthan factory. If anyone is curious,
there are some wonderful photos and accompanying info about the Werthans
and their fascinating accomplishments and extensive philanthropy can be
view at

The original Company building still exists in Nashville and I believe is
now designated as a National Historical Site. My Great Grandfather worked
there until 1890 when he remarried Anna Shapiro/Shapuiri of Nashville and
relocated to Chicago. His last position at The Tennessee Manufacturing
Company was as Secretary, however, I don't know if that was the literal
definition of a Secretary or an Executive position in the Company. I did
discover an interesting fact in the site mentioned above, the Werthans
were at one tine involved in the scrap metal business, which is the
Chicago business Louis and his sons were in. I was already aware of the
Chicago business, however, perhaps Nashville is where Louis began his
first interest in scrap metal.

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA

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