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Joel Ratner

The Vilna District Research Group (VDRG) is pleased to announce the
distribution of Vol. II (Part I) of the 1875 Vilna City Family List. The
file has been placed on the VDRG NEXO site for all qualified contributors
to access. The distribution of Vol. II has been broken up into two parts
due to funding limitations.

Vilna researchers interested in the 1875 Family List data are once
again encouraged to donate to the translation of this list. Once sufficient
funds have been received, the translation effort for Vol II will resume.
Once that is completed, Vol. IV will be translated since Vol. III has not
been located. Howard Margol was good enough to put out a message to the
Digest in my absence, announcing the availability of these Vol. II
translations. The appeal he made is as follows:

"All that is needed is for 7 researchers to each contribute $200 to the
Vilnius District Research Group and the remainder of Book 2 can be completed.
There are 3,674 researchers listed for Vilnius. Surely 7 of them will be
interested enough to get the remainder of the Vilnius 1875 Family List,
Book 2, translated. As soon as Book 2 is completely translated, those
qualified contributors will not only receive the entire Book 2 but will also
receive Book 1 as well - 7,240 records. This will give them a total of
14,101 records. That is a small price to pay for such a large quantity of

Please check your piggy bank and see what you can do. Go to Be sure and designate your contribution is
for the Vilnius District Research Group. The site is secure so feel free
to use your credit card."

So far, we have two positve responses, reducing the required number of
additonal qualified donations to 5. Again, there are many Vilna researchers
out there, most who have not participated in the past. Please take some
time and check that piggy bank as Howard urged. The payback in records is
huge. Qualified donors to this project receive access to the following data

1858 Vilna City Revision List

1858 Revision Lists (Vilna adjoining towns)


1858 Vilna District Towns Revision Lists


1874 Kovno residents registered in Vilna district

1875 Vilna City Family List

1900 Riga Passport Database

1915 Vilna city directory Vsia Vilna (All Vilna)

1942 Vilna Ghetto census

"Bleter Vegn Vilna" survivors database

In addition, we also have access (in hand) to the following records:

1853/1854 Class List

1900s Class List

First/second gymnnazia graduates

1894 Vilna Talmud Torah Donors

1897 Vilna Talmud Torah Donors

1902 - 1916 Vilna Free Kitchens Board - list of children receiving

1906 Vilna Duma List

1912 Vilna Duma List

1909 Vilna Technicum donors

1910 Vilna Technicum donors

Various Vilna Yizkor books

The above list of records top the 100,000 mark.

Researchers with questions regarding the 1875 Vilna City Family List
project are encouraged to contact me.

Joel Ratner

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