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Josie Barnett

With regard to Paulette Bronstein's posting on Sunday, I wish to offer the
following comments on her Gamburg/Gams family, both in a personal capacity
and as the Disna District Coordinator.

I took a look at the 1875 Male Family Members Revision List for Disna and
found several entries which I think might possibly be Paulette's
gggrandfather. I found a Gens family with Simon aged 59 plus two sons Mikhel
21 and Berke 17. On a different line I also saw the Kants family with Leyba
aged 18 son of Itzhak. As I doubt whether anyone went under the name of Louis
in Lithuania, the original name could have been Leyba or even something
completely different. Louis was meant to be an 'American/Western name'.

from my own personal experience when we look at Revision lists we have to
take into consideration that there could be variations in the translation
and try and be as creative as possible. Our translators are doing a
wonderful job but they are dealing with very old documents and discrepancies
take place. This I know for a fact regarding my own family research in

Regarding the marriage of cousins, this was very normal. For example my own
paternal grandparents had the same surname and were second cousins.

The Disna District Research Group of Litvaksig still has important material
waiting to be translated. As we are only a small group we need both new
members and donations in order to continue in this important work. You can
find more about us at or through or write to me at hedakal@...

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Successful New Year.

Josie Barnett
Jerusalem, Israel (formerly UK)

Researching: Hidekel/Chedakel of Sharkovschinna Levene/Hanovitch
(somewhere along the Polish Prussian Border) and Holts/Woods Nowy Dwor
near Warsaw

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