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Roy Ogus <r_ogus@...>

The following new records have recently been distributed
to the qualified donors of the Ukmerge District Research Group via the
group's Shutterfly website.

Ukmerge Uyezd - 1874-1909 Family List

Ukmerge Uyezd - 1848-1883 Inheritance records

Ukmerge City - 1914 Certificates records

Ukmerge City - 1912 postal bank records

1897 Russian Census records >from Ukmerge Uyezd (revised version)

Ukmerge City - 1920-1938 Internal Passports, 5,831 records (completed)

Utena - 1920-1938 Internal Passports - additional 2,477 new records
total to date of 3,131 records.

As previously mentioned, the Ukmerge City and Utena Internal
Passport records have been distributed to the qualified Ukmerge District
Research Group donors through a cooperative arrangement with the LitvakSIG
Internal Passport Project. The translation of the Utena Internal Passport
records is continuing and will be distributed to the Ukmerge DRG group as
they become available.

You can learn more about the Ukmerge District Research group, including
the towns that are included in the district at:

If you are researching any of the towns in Ukmerge District, I would
again like to encourage you to make a contribution to support our record
translation efforts. To make a contribution to the group, please go to:

and select the Ukmerge group on the "District Research Group" line of
the table.

A qualifying contribution requires a donation of $100 to help defray
the cost of translations but smaller amounts are welcome as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information
about the group.

Many thanks!

Roy Ogus

Ukmerge Research District Coordinator, LitvakSIG

r_ogus at


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