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Angie Elfassi


Further to my posting of the other day regarding information about Yosel
SHATIL family and descendants, I have now found on the ALD Revision List
Database Part 3, in 1874 Ginda SHATIL, head of household, lives in house
of REJKHZELIGMAN, 1st husband A. Yu. NEVYAZHSKIJ; 2nd husband Shatil.
It says: "father - Iosel?"

1. If she was living in the REJKHZELIGMAN house, does that mean she is
their child? a relative? a servant??

2. According to the record, in 1874 she was married to SHATIL (and they
had a child in 1877) why would it say: Head of household? (referring to
Ginda). They were living in Kaunas.

3. On ALD Revision List, it says 1st husband: A. Yu. NEVYAZHSKIJ.
Would the A. Yu. stand for Aharon Yehoshua? or something else?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions
Angie Elfassi

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COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
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