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Howard Margol

I have just received the Winter, 2010 issue of Avotaynu and an article on
page 41 caught my attention. Rony Golan describes, in vivid detail, how
records she found in the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database (ALD), along
with records she received >from the Kaunas archive, enabled her to solve
a family mystery and greatly add to her family tree.

One of the main keys that enabled Rony to make her discoveries was the
Lithuania internal passport records, 1919-1940. This is just one of many
success stories attributed to the internal passport project

Following is an up to date list of Internal Passport records that have
been translated.

Alytus City - - 622 records (IN PROGRESS)
Alytus District - F1569 - 214 records (IN PROGRESS)
Birzai - 2,739 records (Completed)
Jonava - 840 records (Completed)
Kaunas (City) - 27,656 records (Completed)
Kaunas Uyezd - 3,846 records (Completed)
Kretinga Uyezd - 131 records (Completed)
Marijampole - 4,130 records (IN PROGRESS)
Naujamiestis - 261 records (Completed)
Panevezys - 9,397 records (IN PROGRESS)
Pumpenai - 245 records (Completed)
Rokiskis - 187 records (Completed)
Rozalimas - 67 records (Completed)
Seinai Uyezd - (includes Kapciamiestis and Lazdijai) - 453 records
Siauliai Uyezd - 5,594 records (Completed)
Taurage District (Raseiniai) - 1,035 records (Completed)
Telsiai Uyezd - 1,623 records (Completed)
Trakai District - 126 records (IN PROGRESS)
Troskunai - 504 records (Completed)
Ukmerge - 5,831 records (Completed)
Utena Uyezd lists (Ukmerge)- 5,686 records (Completed)
Vandziogala and surrounding area - 694 records (Completed)

TOTAL - 70,492 (as of 2-28-11)
Other towns and districts to be translated.

About 75% of the translated records are available in the ALD. The other
25% will be added to the ALD over the next 18 months. There is an 18
month delay >from the time the records are translated until they are added
to the ALD. If you do not want to wait, or are interested in any of the
above towns or districts, please contact me.

Howard Margol
Founder and Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

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