Introduction (GOLDSCHMIDT, AUERBACH) #austria-czech

Scott L. <eurotrash123@...>

I am relatively new to this group and have only been
doing serious genealogical research for about 8
months. My connection to this group is one of my
g-g-grandfathers, Edward GOLDSCHMIDT (1848-1917). I
know >from American census records and his marriage
certificate (he married Sarah MERZBACH (New York,1875)
that he was born in Bohemia, but have no other
documentation of the region or town in which he may
have been born. [To complicate matters, he is
sometimes listed as Robert GOLDSCHMIDT in some
records]. In his marriage certificate, Edward's
parents are listed as Abraham GOLDSCHMIDT and Fanny
AUERBACH. The family may have lived in Vienna for a

Although GOLDSCHMIDT and AUERBACH were fairly common
Jewish names in Central Europe, I've yet to find many
families in Bohemia/Czech Republic with these names.

Scott Leo
Washington, DC

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