JOWBR: PARNES burials in NY, some from Austria/Galicia; one specifically from BK #galicia

Arielle K. Masters

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry

USA - New York
many, many PARNES and related families - several listed as b. Austria -
but while browsing I noticed one was >from BK and another was >from
Galicia. I did NOT read through all of the matches.[jowbr]j_NY_2_RECNUM13758
KUHN, Meyer (Meir Eliezer b. Yechial Michal)
b. Bialy Kamien, Ukr 1895
d. Bronx, NY 07-Mar-1941
buried Montefiore Cemetery, Queens
spouse Sylvia
father Mechel
mother Pearl PARNES[jowbr]j_NY_2_RECNUM13801
PARNES, Neche (Neshe b. Mordechai )
b. Galicia
d. Manhattan, NY 27-Jun-1932 age 74
mother Leah
buried Montefiore[jowbr]j_NY_2_RECNUM13505
FELLER, Fannie (Fanny) (Feige Hinda b. Mordechai)
b. Austria
d. Bronx, NY 15-Apr-1933 age 59
buried Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Queens
spouse Max
father Max PARNES
mother Lena COHEN[jowbr]j_NY_2_RECNUM13251
GROSSBERG, Krussel (Krusel b. Issachar Zev)
b. Austria
d. Manhattan, NY 05-Jan-1924 age 70 (64?)
buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, Queens
father Wolf DRUEH (?)
mother Sarah PARNESS

There was also a Harry KATZ (Tzvi Hirsch b. Asher Anschil HaCohen;
mother Anna PARNES) b. ~1877 "Poland".

Also in the database: Esther, Rose, and Celia PARNES, the first two
buried at Mt. Hebron and the third at Mt. Zion.

Also: Bertha SAFTLAS (Beila b. Pinchas) and Sarah KRIM (Sarah b.
Pinchas), sisters, whose mother was Taube FUCHS and whose maiden names
were both PARNES.

Links to more data on these people is available using above URLs. There
are tons of PARNES burials around the world, and I have only a slight
PARNES link in my personal tree (and not to any of the above people, as
far as I can tell). I don't have any information on the above people
but what's in this message. Hope this helps someone!

Arielle Masters
Oak Hill, NoVA, USA

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