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Nancy Holden

Ever dream of a genealogical search companion? JewishGen is offering an
Independent Study class. Your topic, your schedule, your questions.

Nancy Holden will be available Friday July 29 - Friday August 26 for
projects centered on research in the United States, Canada or the Pale of
Russia (Latvia to Southern Russia). This session will follow the format of
other JewishGen Education classes using a Forum and one-on -one
consultations via the internet.

The level of your knowledge, and the Family you decide to research is not an
issue. However, in order to qualify for this class we ask that you submit a
paragraph about your project: your research SURNAME, your research towns,
your research goals.

This will be a Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online seminar. Individual
readings will be posted according to your research needs. To get the most
out of this course, you will need 8-10 hours a week and commit to posting to
the forum as work on your project.

Is this course right for you? This is beyond the basics. Read the course
descriptions to see if what you want to do is
covered by a course already being taught. If not, this may be the perfect
class. Students should be comfortable on the internet and able to upload and
download pdfs, images and word documents.

Enrollment is limited. Please send your qualifying paragraph to

nholden@... any time after July 15, 2011 for consideration.
Students will be notified of enrollment procedures by email.

Charge: $100 to be paid after acceptance to the class

Nancy Holden


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