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Hi. I am is Josh Grise of Lexington, Kentucky.

My great grandfather was Mosche Blumenthal (1895 -1975).
He was born in a shtetl outside Kaunas, Lithuania to a poor couple,
along with 4 siblings. His father was Velvel Blumenthal; a grain
merchant. Velvel died young, leaving his wife, Sarah nee Rogal with
5 children - Mosche, Louis (American name), Itzhak, Khana, and Rose.
Sarah abandoned the children, and left them to fend for themselves
while she ran off and remarried.

All of the children ended up in America except for Itzhak. Itzhak
married Khana Berger and perished during the Holocaust.
Khana became Anna Bogoratt and Rose became Rose Rogal.
A relative of mine recently passed away and had these Blumenthal
photos on his wall. However, no one knows who they are.
Below is a link.

The photo looks very old both by the physical wear as well as
the peoples' clothing. Does anyone know who they are? My best guess
is that they are Vevel and Sarah Blumenthal with their family.

If anyone can help at all, then it would be wonderful.
Josh Grise

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