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Tamar Dothan <dothan-t@...>

On August 28, 1941, the Jews of Keidan (Kedainiai), Seta (Shat) and
Zhaim (Zeimiai) were murdered and buried in a mass grave near Keidan.
To mark the 70th anniversary of that event, memorial services are being
held in New York City, Israel and other locations.

In what may be the first such action in Lithuania, the municipality of
Kedainiai and the Kedainiai Regional Museum are honoring the
memory of the 2076 victims of the massacre. Mr. Rimantas Zirgulis, the
director of the Kedainiai Regional Museum, is preparing a list of the
murdered Jews. The names will be memorialized on a plaque located next
to the mass grave. Mr. Zirgulis's main source of information are the
Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem. But many names are missing. His aim
is to commemorate each individual of the 2,076 victims.

When the full name is known, both the first (given) name and the surname
will be included.
When only a first name is known, it will appear followed by a question mark:
Josef ?
When only a last name is known, it will be preceded by a question mark:
? Smilg
For those whose names are not known, a Magen David will be substituted.

An effort is being made to collect as many names as possible. If you know
of victims in the mass grave in Keidan, please submit their names. But do
first check whether the names are on the Yad Vashem list of Pages of
Testimony. If they are, there is no need to submit them. Please send me
your lists, and I will forward them to the Kedainiai Regional Museum.

Write the name of each person on a different line. Indicate whether the
individual was a married woman, an unmarried female, or a male. [The
names are going to be written in their Lithuanian forms so that the
Lithuanian people will understand these were their fellow citizens. In
the Lithuanian language the surname varies according to gender and marital
status for women.]

Since there were several individuals with the same names, please include
the year of birth and parents' names when known. Enter husband, wife and
children in that order.

For people whose full name you don't know you can itemize it as follows:

Lurie family
Or : Lurie family, husband, wife and children
Or: Lurie family, husband wife and 2-3 children
Or: children and grandchildren of x.
Or: Moshe ? [for an unknown last name]

Please enumerate your entries and make haste. They intend to launch the
plaque in September.

Finally, since names are being collected by more than one source, do
not send your submissions to more than one individual and do not cc the
lists to any duplicate sources.

Thank you.
Tamar Dothan

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