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As was discussed at the Suwalki-Lomza interest group at the DC
conference, we have established through FTDNA a new DNA project for
those who trace their ancestry back to this area of what is now
Lithuania and Poland. There were many familial and cultural connections
among the various towns in this region and we expect we will be able to
find DNA that indicates which families share a common ancestor before
the adoption of surnames.

This is a dual-YDNA and mtDNA project, meaning we're looking for anyone
whose mother's mother's mother's mother (etc.) was >from this area or any
MALE whose father's father's father's father (etc) was >from the area.

If you have already had your DNA tested, log in to your FTDNA account
and click "Join Projects" and search for Suwalki or click on the link
below. If you have not yet been tested, you can order your test through
the project and get the project discount. If you choose the Y-DNA test,
please test at least 37 markers.

Questions? Email me. (

Rachel Unkefer
Central Virginia, US

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