Fw: loking for Debora and Chaim Glaser #galicia

arie meir

Hi To all of you

I'm looking for my family >from whom we haven't heard since 1938. They all

were >from Przemysl.

Chaim Glaser ,who was my grandfather and a shoemaker .He came to Przemysl

from Vienna in the early twenties after he got divorced >from my grandmother
Helena Glaser (former name was Monderer)

In the year 1926 he married Rachla ( her maiden name was Stolzberg).

A year later they had a daughter . Her name was Debora Glaser.

Rachla died before the war and her daughter Debora was

sent to an orphanage named ochorna. I would be very grateful if any one of

you could

help me with information on what happened to them and especially if Debora

and my Grandfather survived the war.

Thanks for your help

Arieh Mayer

Haifa, Israel


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