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Dear Readers of the LitvakSIG discussion group:

The scope of this discussion group is Litvak genealogy research.
When messages concern matters such as history or culture -- or even
food -- they are within the scope of this list to the extent they
are connected to family history.

Given this, In the 13 years I have been Moderator of this list,
from time to time I have had to write back to people who have
sent in messages, explaining why certain messages do not fit
within the scope of the list. Some of these messages deal with
issues regarding Lithuania, the Holocaust and the Jews. In
addition to being outside the scope of the LitvakSIG Discussion
Group, sometimes the tone or content of these messages also falls
outside the guidelines under which we operate.

However -- there is a forum for discussion of these important
issues, and I always recommend that the poster send the message
to the Litvakpoli list on Yahoo, which was set up specifically
as a place to exchange information and opinions on these

If you go to and search for "litvakpoli"
you can then click on "join this group" .

Here is the URL for the group:

I'm providing this as an informational message about
how to exchange messages about the issues noted above,
and it is not the beginning of a thread.

Best wishes,

Judy Baston, Moderator
LitvakSIG Discussion Group

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