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I have been searching for my any information on my great great grand
father and mother in Raseiniai.

His name was Elias Steinberg 1841-1921 he came over to England 1899 on
the Viola he was 58 at the time. There was a Leib on the ship
also >from same area, unable to confirm a relationship. Elias's wife
was Sarah 1844-1921. they died a few months apart.

On their stone it says Steinberg Cohen, Eli Leib Hacohen, Sarah was
a Levite.

A question, if he was a Steinberg why does it also say Cohen where
would that come from? Is he descended >from Cohens?
Would that make it easier to find him in Lithuania? Sarah being a
Levite, does that mean her maiden name was Levi or something like

I've been trying to locate them in Raseiniai, but no luck . Plus I
can't find when she went to England nor their children
Annie Steinberg (Chaia Leiba my great grandmother) and Betsy

Annie married Solomon Goldberg Dec 1889 London(Avraham Zalman)
Betsy married Jacob Lazarus 1891 London

I 'd like to know if anyone has any idea of how I can locate them
(Sarah, Annie, Betsy & Solomon) in immigration to England and also
some information in Lithuania

Solomon's British citienship says he was >from Wilna, yet on an 1891
census London he lists Kowno? confusing.

Can anyone help

Please contact me directly.........karyenann1@...

thank you

karyn ann friend

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