Re: Jewish Given Names - Wohamja? #galicia

Robert Strumwasser <RobertStrumwasser@...>

I learned >from my Grandfather's Petition for Naturalization that
his given name was Wohamja and not Hyman as I'd been told.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.<<

I'm guessing that "Wohamja" is a mistyping or mis-hearing of the name
Nechemje/Nechemja. I've seen many. many Nechemje's take the name Hyman upon
arrival in America (or as a secular name for those who were born here with
the Hebrew name Nechemje). The best place to check your grandfather's
"correct" name would be his tombstone. It will very likely have his Hebrew
name written on it.

Good luck!
Robert Strumwasser
Sharon, MA, USA

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