Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Vilnius District Research Group - New Co-ordinator #lithuania


LitvakSIG is pleased to announce that Vilnius District has a new
District Coordinator. Peggy Freedman and Bruce Zata will be co-ordinating
the district.

They are a well experienced team and we are very fortunate to have their
skills. Their primary tasks will be to identify new data sets and expand
the contributor base. On Peggy's recent trip to Lithuania she made a very
good start by identifying new record sets and has found enough new work to
keep this group going for a very, very long time.

Of course, the quicker the funds can be raised, the faster the work gets

Please get them off to a good start by showing your support for them.
Go to chose District Research Group
and select Vilnius.

My very best wishes to both Peggy and Bruce and a very big thank you for
agreeing to share the workload.

Dorothy Leivers
Coordinator of the District Coordinators of LitvakSIG

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