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Lynn Saul <lynnsaul@...>

The UK census for the 1890s is extremely helpful. I found info on my
family under "databases/United Kingdom," through Jewishgen.

Lynn Saul
Reaearching Saul Veshasky Mandlestein Sereje Vilkia

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On Jul 11, 2012, at 10:19 AM, Pnina and Mike Rothenberg wrote:

My paternal grandmother, Amelia (Millie) RINKOVSKY, migrated with her six
sisters >from Russia (Lithuania area) to London, England, in the 1890's.
Their parents (Isaac and Rose RINKOVSKY), and youngest sibling (Adolph
RINKOVSKY) remained behind. My grandmother was born in a town that was
then known as Landverova, Russia. Now the town, in Lithuanian, is called
Lentvaris. It is located southwest of Vilna, and east of Trakai.
I have no migration information for my grandmother and her sisters to
England. Oral family history says their father played the flute in the
Czar's orchestra. Also, that the older sisters carried their younger
sisters, as some apparently were very young. What port they left from,
on the European mainland, and where they went upon arrival in England
(people and location) is not known. They did get to and live in East
London, where my grandmother married in 1900. Later, with husband and
four sons, my grandmother migrated to the Her sisters ultimately migrated,
with husbands and families, to South Africa.

It is the move to London that my family would like to learn more about.
Any suggestions on sources of information and how to contact them would be

Mike Rothenberg
San Jose, California
Researching (with spelling variations) RINKOVSKY (Lentvaris, between Vilna
and Trakai, Lithuania; EHRLICH, SILBER, STOCKHAMMER, KASSNER (Rava Ruska,
Werchrata, Niemerow, Narol, all Ukraine and Poland)

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