Re: Location and Alternate name for Neimschitz Bohemia #austria-czech


Dan Berwin Brockman ask:
"The tombstone of Eleazer BLOCH(K) in New Mount Sinai, St. Louis, Missouri,
USA describes him as
being born in Neimschitz on 20 June 1803 and dying in St. Louis 18 March

Any idea of where this small town might be, and what other names are
associated with it?

Google search fails, JewishGen fails, Geni fails and seems to
be hacked to a
commercial site right now. The JOWBR lists a possible connection to the town
of Volyne but
lacks details."

A lot of answers:
Nemcice (diacritical hooks over e and over c), county Blansko, South
Moravian region,
Nemcice, county Pardubice, region Pardubice,
Nemcice, county Svitavy, region Pardubice,
Nemcice nad Hanou, county Prostejov (diacritical hook over e), region
Velke (diacritical dash over e) Nemcice, county Breclav (diacritical hook
over r), South Moravian region.

Hanus Grab

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