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Ann Rabinowitz

There is a Lithuanian Army Volunteers (1918-1923) database which provides the
names of all those individuals who volunteered for the first Lithuanian army
when Lithuania became independent. Its only downfall is that the translation
option in Google sometimes gives a poor transliteration into English or does not

translate some Lithuanian words at all. It does have the translation option of
utilizing many other languages including Hebrew and French.

The site is as follows:

You can search alphabetically by surname amongst the approximately 10,000

Of course, most of the names are Lithuanians and not Jews, but if you
search carefully you will find Jewish volunteers. One means of telling the
difference is looking at the first name of the individual and their father's

The following are several examples of names that you can find. The
information includes, among other things, generally, the name of the
volunteer, the father's name, where and when they were born, the years
they served as volunteers, any medals or certificates they received and
when when they were killed or died.

An example of the info and the translation can be found at the following

The following are some of the Jewish names that are in the database:

BERGERIS, Samuelis, the son of Leibos Dovydo.

CODIKOVAS, Michel, son of Soloman.

KACELNIKAS, Efroimas, son of Joselo.

RABINAVICIUS, Gutman, the son of Ichoko

ZAKSAS, Motel Ruvin (no father's name given.

A word of advice on this database and the translations, sometimes the
translation is totally different than what the original in Lithuanian was.
For instance, there is a Girsas Chaimas Kacas, son of Eizerio, whose last
name is translated into English as Hangover!!!! Very strange indeed. One
has to really check the option of the original Lithuanian by putting your
mouse over the particular the word or phrase or choose the "original"
option to make sure the translation is fairly reasonable or correct.

Ann Rabinowitz

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