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Howard Margol

I want to thank Ann Rabinowitz for calling this database to our attention.
As Ann says, the Google translation is not always accurate. In order to
obtain an exact translation of the Jewish names, LitvakSIG is going to
have the list translated >from the original record in the Central Archive
in Vilnius.

After completion, the entire list of Jewish names, together with all of
the information, will be added to the LitvakSIG District Research Group
websites and be available to all those eligible to access one of the web

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

<< From: Ann Rabinowitz
There is a Lithuanian Army Volunteers (1918-1923) database which provides
the names of all those individuals who volunteered for the first
Lithuanian army when Lithuania became independent. Its only downfall is that
the translation option in Google sometimes gives a poor transliteration into
English or does not translate some Lithuanian words at all.

The site is as follows:

A word of advice on this database and the translations, sometimes the
translation is totally different than what the original in Lithuanian was.
For instance, there is a Girsas Chaimas Kacas, son of Eizerio, whose last
name is translated into English as Hangover!!!! Very strange indeed. >>

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