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Ann Rabinowitz

It appears that there are Russian Jewish resources in the State Archive
of the Russian Federation (GARF), Collection held at Pirogovskaia Street.
To learn more about GARF, go to;Y

The finding guide or index can be viewed in English on the following site:

Some of the topics are also found on microfilm. Some of the topics are as
Jewish komsomol 1920-1922
Jewish komsomol 1919-1921
Poalei Zion: Jewish Communist Party Iugend Poalei Zion: Jewish socialist
Jewish komsomol, Kremenchug 1922
Poalei Zion central committee
Belorussian & Lithuanian communist party: Jewish, 1918-1919
Zei re-Zion: Zionist faction USSR TsIK committee for land settlement
of Jewish workers 1922-1938
League for famine relief to Jewish people 1917-1918
Peoples Jewish university 1918-1922

Ann Rabinowitz

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