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Joanna Shear <j_shear@...>

The inscription on the tombstone of my great grandfather Chaim Shalom
ROBINSON (1849-1926) says that he was "son of the gaon Rabbi Shraga Feivel".
I believe he was >from Kovno province, though not sure of the town. His
children were born in Tryskiai (Trishik), which was the birthplace of his
wife, my great grandmother Shifra FIVERSOHN/FEIVELSON. His mother's name
was Chaia Rivka GOLDBERG.

My question is whether the term "gaon Rabbi" was used as a general
honorific or to indicate a specific position. An Israeli friend who
translated the inscription thought that it was unusual. If it is
specific, are there any suggestions for how to use it in my search?
Is there information on "gaon Rabbis" that may help find more about
his origin?

I will also post on the Rabbinic Genealogy SIG, but I thought I'd
also check here, in case anyone has knowledge of these families.

Thank you,
Joanna Shear
Santa Clara, California, USA
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