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Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - I had a relative >from Slobodka who married a man named Abraham
Shabati Lovenstein (he went by Abraham, but Shabati as his middle name,
was >from on gravestone). We've assumed that he also came >from Slobodka,
or somewhere else in Lithuania, but we could be wrong. He was a Levite,
which is probably where the name Lovenstein was derived from, although I
suspect it was not the surname used in Lithuania (the family lived in
England for a while). He was ben Yehuda, and had a brother named Israel
Moshe, and a sister named Zipporah Rebecca, all born during the 1850s.

We've not been able to find the family in any Lithuanian records. The
combination of the names "Abraham Shabati" doesn't seem to appear in
the Lithuanian records either. Would it be listed as something else?

As an aside, is there any meaning to the name Shabati?

Thanks. - Mark London

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