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Hank Mishkoff

When I try to view these pages, I'm notified that I need to install
the DjVu Browser Plug-in >from Caminova. Can anyone here attest to the
safety of that plug-in? I hate to seem paranoid (although I obviously
am), but I'm uneasy about installing plug-ins that I don't know
anything about. Thanks!

Hank Mishkoff

Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 16:17:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Ann Rabinowitz <arabinow@...>
Subject: ABOUT SUWALKI (1935-1940)

I happened upon several interesting articles relating to Suwalki in the
Southern Israelite Archives. I thought these might be of interest to
those researching Suwalki

August 2, 1935, Page 7
.xml&query=suwalki&brand=israelite-brand regarding=0A pogroms in
Suwalki and Grodno.

December 22, 1939, Page 1,
xml&query=suwalki&brand=israelite-brand, regarding entry of dispossessed
Suwalki Jews into Lithuania.

March 1, 1940, Pages 4 and 20:
xml&query=suwalki&brand=israelite-brand, regarding the miserable
conditions there.

Ann Rabinowitz

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