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Stephanie, you must be referring to:
While one can research surnames and retrieve some information, further
details however (and unfortunately so) seem to be blocked unless one becomes
a (paid) member.

Jewishgen site has a mention of Krakow cadastral records as well, but not a

Peter Jassem
Toronto, ON

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I'm not certain if the terms "Cadastral" and "Kataster" are the same. If
they are, then the fee-based Krakow website has generated a "Kataster
Database" for documents in the Krakow Archives.

Data available online includes: Archives Reference Number, Document
Number, Status, First Name and Surname, Maiden Name, Birth Date, Birth
Place, Marriage Date and Place, Profession, Address, and Comments. The
original document may contain additional information and must be
purchased through the Polish group that is onsite.

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA

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