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William Yoffee

Emigrants via Canadian Steamship Lines 1920-1938

The Panevezys District Research Group of LitvakSIG is posting on its
Shutterfly website a list of 674 persons who emigrated by way of Lithuania
on Canadian ships presumably of the Canadian Pacific Steamship Line in the
period >from 1920 to 1938. This company was the principal carrier of
passengers >from Liverpool to Montreal (and also >from Glasgow and Antwerp)
during the inter-war period which coincided with the existence of the first
independent Lithuanian state.

This period also coincided with the enactment and enforcement of the first
restrictive immigration laws of the United States. The Emergency Quota Act
(also known as the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921) restricted the number
of immigrants admitted to the US >from any country to 3% of the number living
in the US according to the 1910 Census. The Immigration Act of 1924 further
restricted the number of immigrants to the US >from any country to 2% of
persons living in the US >from that country according to the 1890 Census.
This effectively severely limited further Jewish immigrants >from Eastern
Europe. These data exemplify the trend of Jewish immigration to Canada up
to the outset of WWII which Canada entered in 1939.

The Canadian Pacific Steamship Line, a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific
Railroad (CPR) was uniquely positioned to exploit this traffic because it
could transport immigrants >from Europe to locations in Canada anywhere
along its transcontinental rail line. CPR also had connections to mid-west
US cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis/St Paul which could
facilitate immigration to the US bypassing New York's Ellis Island.

The data indicate that the migration of this group peaked in the early 1920s
and declined considerably in the late 1930s until just before the outbreak
of WWII. The age of most individuals is given as of the year of migration.
The Comments column gives the street addresses of most of those who lived in
Lithuania, but it can be noted that many neither lived nor were registered
in Lithuania but were >from locations within the USSR. This information on
these individual is located in the files of the Lithuanian Central Archives
in Vilnius.

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Bill Yoffee,
Panevezys District Research Coordinator,

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