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Roy Ogus

The following new files have recently been distributed to members of
the LitvakSIG Ukmerge District Research Group via its Shutterfly site:

1. Ukmerge State Savings Bank 1891-1918

2. Palestine Office 1929-1940

These records come >from data in the Lithuanian Central Archives, and
refer to people who made application to go to Palestine between 1920-1940.
There is considerably more information on each file than can be
abstracted. For example, there might be details of sponsors of the
applicants, sometimes letters relating to medical condition, the name
of a landlord, or a photograph. It's not possible to determine with
absolute certainty that the people listed did indeed make aliyah to

3. Latvian Vital Records of Lithuanian persons (for Bauska and Dvinsk)

The following records were uploaded:

- Bauska Births 1865-1905
- Bauska Deaths 1854-1905
- Bauska Divorces 1870-1901
- Bauska Marriages 1854-1905
- Dvinsk Births 1903-1908
- Dvinsk Death 1872-1908
- Dvinsk Marriages 1869-1907

4. Emigrants >from Lithuania via the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company

The list relates to the extraction of the details of Jews who emigrated
(probably to Canada or the United States) with the Canadian Pacific
Steamship Company (which was called the Canadian Pacific Railway Company
until 1921). These records are housed at the Lithuanian Central Archives
in Vilnius. Many of the earlier emigrants were in exile in Russia or had
perhaps moved further afield. The town they came >from in Lithuania is not
always known. The few who emigrated in the 1930s did give their address
in Lithuania.

You can learn more about the Ukmerge District Research group. including
the towns that are included in the district at: or at:

If you are researching any of the towns in Ukmerge District, I encourage
you to make a contribution to support our record translation efforts. To
make a contribution to the group, please go to:

and select the Ukmerge group on the District Research Group line of
the table.

A qualifying contribution requires a donation of at least $100 to help
defray the cost of translations and provides access to the DRG records for
5 years, but smaller amounts are always welcome as well, and these can
accumulate towards a qualifying donation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information about
the group.

Many thanks!

Roy Ogus
Ukmerge Research District Coordinator, LitvakSIG
r_ogus at

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