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Pnina and Mike Rothenberg

Hello researchers, I would like to learn more about my RINKOVSKY
(RINKOFSKY, etc.) family before they left in the 1890's >from Lithuania
(Russian Empire) for England, and then on to other parts of the world.
My grandmother and her sisters traveled as children or teenagers without
their parents >from Landverova, (now Lentvaris, Lithuania) to England, then,
some years later, on to South Africa and (in my grandmother's case as a
young wife and mother) on to the United States. Fate of their parents is
unknown. (I am in contact with family in South Africa and Australia).

I haven't been able to find any records for the family while they lived
in Landverova / Lentvaris. Nor have I been able found any reference to
the family in Trakai or Vilnius records (this ancestral town lies between
them). Any suggestions on locating family records >from the 1890's or
earlier, in Lithuania or Russia? As this seems to be a rather unusual
last name, my hope is that records with that surname >from that general
area refer to my family.

Mike Rothenberg
Researching RINKOVSKY, and also the following >from Galicia: ROTHENBERG
(Zhitomir and Odessa), STOCKHAMER, SILBER and EHRLICH (Rava Ruska, Poland
/ Rava Russkaya, Ukraine)

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