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Howard Margol

A translation of the Ukmerge Foreign Passport Applications - 1925-1938,
has just been received.

The list contains the greatest amount of very important information about
the individuals listed that I have ever seen, and I have seen thousands of
lists of various types. I cannot emphasize too strongly the value of this
list. To give you an idea of the information that is included, for most of
those listed, here is a sample of what is there.

Surname, given name, father's name, maiden name of females, date of birth,
place of birth (not everyone was born in Ukmerge), destination, marriage
status, the street address and town of residence, the exact date of their
Foreign Passport Application.

Additionally, there is an individual file for almost every applicant. The
file includes a photo of the applicant, a Lithuanian passport that was
issued on a prior date, plus a lot of family information. Using the
information that has been translated, a researcher can contact the Central
Archive in Vilnius and obtain a copy of all documents in an individual file.

Please do not dismiss this list as of no interest to you personally only
because your family left Lithuania before 1925. Your immediate family may
have left but not everyone left. In most cases, siblings, Uncles, Aunts,
and cousins remained.

It will be several days before the entire list will be available on the
Ukmerge DRG web site. If you are already a contributor to the Ukmerge
DRG web site, please be patient for a day or two and you will be able to
see the entire list. If you are not a part of the Ukmerge DRG, you need
contribute $100 to Litvak SIG and gain access not only to this list but
also thousands of other records for the towns in the Ukmerge District.

Go to Scroll down to District Research and
select Ukmerge. The site is secure so you can use your credit card.

Roy Ogus is the Ukmerge District Coordinator. If you
have a problem accessing the site, please contact Roy. However, give Roy
several days to post the list on the web site before contacting him.

Again, I repeat, this is one of the most important lists I have ever seen
from a standpoint of genealogical information included. I am sure you will
agree after you see the list.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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