Re: Viewmate help please 1878 Galician Birth Record #galicia

Alexander Sharon


What then in your opinion, profession/occupation represents "Morocznik"?

Alexander Sharon

Alexander Sharon wrote:

I read this word as "Molocznik" (Polish for the milkman).
Just a small correction: "molocznik" is *Russian* (definitely not Polish)
word for the milkman. The Polish word is "mleczarz".

Letter 'l' in this particular word represents broken Polish 'l'. Some
people use to write broken 'l' as a small dash around the top of the
letter which is often confused with the letter 't'.
A horizontal stroke (straight or tilde-like) at the very top of the letter
"l" is how the "crossed l" is most often written in Polish (in handwriting
only, of course). Nonetheless, the letter in question doesn't look to
me -- a native Polish speaker -- like "l" or "crossed/broken l" -- it
looks like an old-fashioned "r" (as opposed to the "r" used nowadays in
Polish handwriting). Of course one has to take into account idiosyncrasies
of scribes; on the hand, I do wonder why the Russian word "molocznik"
would be spelled in Latin characters, with Polish spelling (that is, with
"cz" and "crossed l").

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