Ber of Bolechow - map? #galicia

Mr L Reich <lreich@...>

Karin Wandrei" <kwandrei@...> asked:-

"I am researching Jewish life in the Carpathians and have been reading a
great book, Ber of Bolechow. This book keeps referring to a map of Ber's
travels >from Bolechow (south of Lvov) to Hungary through the Carpathians but
there is no map in the book. Does anyone have this

This is indeed a most interesting fragment >from an 18th Century
autobiography/diary of a Polish multi-lingual prosperous wine merchant.

I don't know which edition Karin has seen, but my copy of the original
Hebrew one also lacks a map.

What is left of the manuscript is in the library of the the London School of
Jewish Studies (formerly Jews' College) 44 Albert Rd London NW4 2SJ
enquiries@... . Maybe the librarian there will let you know.

Leslie Reich, Manchester UK

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