Lithuania SIG #Lithuania re: Purchasing Power of the Russian Ruble in 1882 #lithuania

Orit Lavi

Dear friends

Ralph Salinger asked what was the purchasing power of the Ruble in 1882.

Browsing through historic Jewish press >from that year yields the following.

* A book cost about 1 Ruble (and a three volume book - 2.5 Ruble).
* An yearly subscription to a weekly Hebrew newspaper was 4 - 6 Ruble.
* A resident teacher who would also serve as the house ritual slaughter was
offered 12 Ruble per month plus accomodation and a table.
* A Synagogue usher in a small town was paid nearly half a Ruble per week.
* A major settlement initiative was estimated at 150,000 Ruble, equal to
15,000 English pounds.
* To enter America, a family would need to show it had 100 Ruble, whereas a
single person - 50 Ruble (as per Russian Hebrew press >from 1882).

Orit Lavi
Tsukey Yam, Israel

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