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Dear all,
We are several "cousins" living in Israel,England,Canada and the US,whose
grandmothers or grandfathers were siblings.
The family named Lightman,originally Likhtmakher originated in Vilna. Many
lived and died in Leeds,Yorkshire.
In 2007 we received material including vital records >from the archives in
Vilnius but information about two other sisters was missing.
Last week, I discovered on the Litvak database, facts which were not
previously listed concerning the "missing "sisters.

Gnendel Likhtmakher (37) married Itzko Kuritskes(45)in 1898(second marriage
for both)
Dveira Likhtmakher (22) married Itsko Soloveichik (27) in 1899. All the
families >from Vilna.

On the Yad Vashem database I found the name, Dveira Soloveicik in the list
of murdered Jews >from Vilna 1941-1944.

I am now in the process of searching for any further information, possible
siblings and families with the above names originating >from Vilnius.

Brenda Habshush (Bernstein/Burns).Israel.

Researching: Bernstein(Kremenchug) Viner(Riga)Likhtmakher/Lightman(Vilnius)

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately with family information.
Suggestions for research methods or resources may be shared with
the list.

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