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Howard Margol

<< From: "Brenda Habshush" <>
The family named Lightman,originally Likhtmakher originated in Vilna.
Gnendel Likhtmakher (37) married Itzko Kuritskes(45) in 1898(second
marriage for both) Dveira Likhtmakher (22) married Itsko Soloveichik
(27) in 1899. All the families >from Vilna.

On the Yad Vashem database I found the name, Dveira Soloveicik in the list
of murdered Jews >from Vilna 1941-1944.

I am now in the process of searching for any further information, possible
siblings and families with the above names originating >from Vilnius. >>


If they lived in Vilnius between 1919-1940, they had to have an internal
passport. The files contain approximately 45,000 Jewish Vilnius internal
passport applications as well as many additional documents of various types
in the individual files. So far, 10,423 of the Vilnius records have been
translated and work is continuing to translate the remainder.

To see information about the Vilnius internal passports, go to

On the site, you will see that 107,875 internal passport records have been
translated for other towns in Lithuania. The index shows the number of
records and the district the town is located in. All of those records are
available on the various Litvak SIG District web sites. You may want to
contribute to one or more districts and gain access to those internal
passport records as well.

Also on the site you will see a sample of some of the various surnames
included in the Vilnius internal passport records, including the maiden
name of the married females. This is only a small sample taken >from the
total Vilnius internal passports that have been translated.

To access the Vilnius translated internal passport records, a $100
contribution to Litvak SIG is required and it is good for a period
of 5 years. Go to Scroll down to
Special Projects and select internal passports. In the NOTES block,
key in Vilnius. You can use your credit card as the site is secure.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for records acquisition.

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