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Nicole Martin <nmartin81@...>

Hi there, I have posted a photo to view mate that I just received from
my mother's cousin and would love to know if anyone can glean information
from it. I don't know much about this part of the family and can only
positively identify the woman seated in the middle of the photo as my 2x
great grandmother "Ida Horwitz" as she was listed on my g-grandfather's
immigration papers but we know the last name was actually "Abrams" or
"Abramovich" when they were in Lithuania.

Ida was born around 1850 and married "Morris". They lived in Taurage.
I am not sure when they died but grandkids and great grandkids that
appear to be namesakes of theirs begin to show up in the tree after

Morris and Ida had a number of children. Those who I know the names of
are Jacob (b 1871 d.1935 immigrated 1887 traveled back to Europe in 1897)
Sarah (b? d 1910) Sophie (b1886 d.1955) Harry (b?d?) and Tony (B? D?)
Louis (b.1886/7 d.1969 immigrated 1904). There may have been other
children who did not immigrate. We are not sure. The chi=
ldren who did immigrate; all settled in Chicago.

I am trying to figure out the best guess for the year the photo was
taken and even more importantly if it was taken in Lithuania or in the
US because until now I thought Ida and Morris never came to the US.
I am assuming the photo is of a wedding that that Ida's children are
behind her. I am not sure if there is a bride and groom in the back or
if it is of the bride and her immediate family.

Any clues someone can glean >from the clothing, traditions you know of,
etc etc I would be very grateful for.

Thank you!!
Nicole Horwitz-Martin
Alameda, CA
researching surnames: Horwitz, Appel /Eppel, Abrams / Abramovich, Mark
researching cities: Taurage LT, Kaunas LT, Chicago US, Los Angeles US

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