Galicia and the Carpathians #galicia

Karin Wandrei <kwandrei@...>

Hi. I want to introduce myself to the list. I am researching an area of
the northern Carpathians (currently in Ukraine) around a shtetl called
VISHNI BYSTRA. I have developed a web site at

Bystra is very close to the traditional border with Galicia. My mother grew
up there and told me stories about walking up to the pass and going over to
Poland to visit her relatives during the summer. My sense is there was a
lot of back and forth and that probably her family came to Bystra from
Galicia. I am particularly interested in information about this migration
period. I am not researching particular family lines (FREILICH, FIXLER)
because of a lack of cooperation on my mother's part. More the general
history and cultural life of the area. I am also interested in the shtetl
to the north of Bystra, TORUN, and the one to the south, MAJDAN, since
mother also had relatives there and she used to walk to Torun all the time.

Karin Wandrei
Willits, California

Moderator Note: Please continue this discussion of non Galician towns privately,
unless there is a direct focus on Galicia. People in Galician border towns often
had relatives in nearby towns in another country. Talk about Galician towns here,
the non Galician towns on the appropriate other country list.

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