Lithuania SIG #Lithuania A funny story on the Vilnius City Records #lithuania

Steve Adelson <sjadelson@...>

Interesting story I thought you might enjoy..

My grandfather was born in Vilnius in 1914. He didn't know his exact
birthday, but when he married my grandmother - who was born 7 Sept - he
decided that his birthday would be exactly one month before hers, 7 Aug.

I recently joined the Vilnius District Research Group (DRG), and looking
through the birth records, found my grandfather. His true birthday?
7 Aug 1914. At least on the Julian calendar.

I also found the name of my gg-grandfather (my grandfather's mother's
father), as well as my g-grandfather's brother, wife, and two children. I'm
looking forward to finding out more as other early 20th century records are
translated. I'm very pleased with what I've found in the Vilnius District
Research Group files!

Steve Adelson

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