Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Vilnius internal passports - 1919-1940 #lithuania

Howard Margol

So far, 11,046 Vilnius internal passports have been translated and are
available on the following web site.

9,079 of those records are included in the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database
(ALD) which can be accessed at and also in the Jewishgen
Lithuania Database.

By a special arrangement, you can go to the following web site and see a
surname list, >from the 9,079 records, at no charge. The maiden names and
place of birth are also included. You will notice that a large percentage of
those listed were born outside of Vilnius, particularly in other parts of
Lithuania as well as in Belarus and Poland. This may enable you to find that
elusive ancestor you have been looking for.

To access the complete web site, and see all of the 11,046 translated
records, a $100 contribution to Litvak SIG is required. About 32,000 Vilnius
internal passports remain to be translated. Your contribution will enable you
to see all of those records as they are translated. There is an 18 month
delay before they are added to the databases.

To contribute, go to and scroll down to
Special Projects. Select internal passports and, in the Notes block, key in
Vilnius. Feel free to use your credit card as the site is secure. For US
citizens, you contribution is tax deductible.

Even if your family left Lithuania before 1919, everyone did not leave.
Uncles, Aunts, siblings, cousins, etc., probably remained. Beginning in
1919, they had to have an internal passport in order to remain in Lithuania.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Howard Margol
Coordinator - Vilnius internal passport project

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