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Toby Bird

I've been following the surname origin discussion with interest. I
don't have any satisfactory information about the origin of my
mother's maiden name. It was Frutko in Anyksciai, Lithuania. My
grandfather and his brothers used Frutkoff here in the states. Two
brothers who immigrated to South Africa became Frootko.

An 1846 Lithuania Candle Tax list has a record of Itsko and Brayna
Grutki living in Raguva. An 1858 Revision lists records Itsko and
Rocha Brayna Frutko living in Raguva. My instincts tell me they are
the same couple. And then there are many more references to Frutko in
Lithuania records into the 20th century, including a 1896 Taxpayers
list that records a Lev and Sholom Frudko who I assume are part of the
family but I haven't linked them yet. Since I am only reading the
English translation I'm not sure where Frutko and Frudko are written
the same way in the original (Lithuanian? Russian?) language. The same
goes for Grutki/Frutko. I don't know whether perhaps the translator
made a mistake in reading the handwriting?

I'd love to hear if any of our surname scholars have a clue.

Thanks in advance,
Toby Bird
New York

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