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Yisroel Shapiro

I am entraining the possibility of making a stopover in Lithuania
going or returning >from the USA >from my current home of Israel. My
trip would be maximum 3 days. When I called a travel agent was
informed I would need to go via Moscow to Vilna instead of Kaunas.
Salakas and Natsonishuk are my two dream places. Does anyone have
another suggestion of how to fly that is cheap? I was told this would
cost me around $1000 despite all the stopovers.

I am somewhat timid and unknowledgeable of the efficiency of these
airports. What is the chance items may get lost? How much time between
gates in the airports? What if I miss my flight? How would I travel
from Vilnius to Kovna Gubernia? These are some of the questions I am
pondering before I even think about my actual purpose.

Regarding leaving Vilna and travel in general in Lithuania. Would like
to know about buses, trains, and if anyone knows anyone who can be
given some cash or can be done a favor for them for a ride. I am
extremely low in cash meaning someone might pay for my ticket and I
would need to ask relatives and friends to help me out for my getting
around. If you have a connection with someone who I could pay for a
ride or sleeping in the future would be truly helpful.

I am a firm believer that dreams should not be stopped due to lack of
funds. Two years ago I got to Florida to meet some elderly cousins
while they still with us. Thankfully they are both with us still. I
am considering the winter which I assume would be freezing cold (I
cannot take cold so I hope to coat, a Russian type hat, gloves, warm
socks and, boots will keep me going.) I am hoping my passion will warm
me up and keep me going; hey I am still in my younger 30's.

Regarding sleeping I am looking into Couch surfing. I am being
careful. I want to say that if someone if going out of their way to
host or help on this website it is not only for gentiles but for Jews
also. And travelers like me going to do research. I have a fear that
my stuff will be stolen and telling myself it is only a fear until it
happens. I am hoping I am correct. If someone knew someone I can
stay by I would be very thankful or other very cheap lodging to keep
my out of the cold.

My purpose
I want to be able to see and pray at my ancestors tombstones in
Salakas. I know they exist, since I saw them on the Salakas website.
Thanks all who to thank for that. I would want to get my grandma
birth record which would be around may 15 1907. Who would I contact
for that? After which I would go to Natsonishuk / Neciuniskiai
My Shapiros lived there I am told hoping to find proof and see if
a cemetery. I want to see whatever I can. Maybe my cousins were
murdered. ALL dependent on time.

My trip would be very compact and I need to be clear on whether
possibilities. The more information on either, the places I want to go
to, experience to these places the better
I have the weather, money, and a short trip maybe a day or to max to
challenge my dream.
I am wondering if I would be able to see tombstones if it snows? Is
there someone who knows the cemeteries well enough to find me specific
graves and how much they would want. Could I pay it off or would they
want to be repressed on the spot. I am a little spectral because I
assume very little is in English and few understand English.
As for as sleeping on a warm couch, if someone has a contact would be
great. Otherwise I would have to try If hope the
people are honest and do not steal my stuff.

Yisroel Shapiro

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately if you have any
ideas or information regarding Yisroel's trip.

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