Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Gelis family who moved to Finland #lithuania

Alison Greengard

If anyone has any information on a Gelis/Glass family who moved to
Turku,Finland >from Lithuania, I would appreciate it if you would contact
me privately.

Wulf Gelis/Glass was born in Ukmerge, Lithuania, is buried in Turku
in 1875, son of Zalman. He is listed as absent >from the tax rolls
of Ukmerge after 1875. Historical Finnish newspaper records also
show Tobias, Kaarlo, and Juha Gelis in Finland. DNA mtDNA ancestry
on the Gelis/Glass side of my family indicate some Finnish heritage
as well.

Thank you,
Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Researching: Greengard (Virbalis, Lithuania), Aron (Uzventis,
Lithuania and Phalsbourg, France);Gelis/Glass (Lithuania, Finland,
Riga, Latvia); Weber (Kosice, Slovakia); Kaplan (Baranovichi and
Slonim, Belarus), Halphen (Metz, France); Wesen and Filut (Ciechanow,
Poland); Targownik (Miezryzec Podlaski, Poland)

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