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Rebecca Hauer <beccahauer@...>

I'm wondering if someone can help me trace my family back to
Lithuania. My ggrandfather Barnet (Dov Ber) Jacobson, born in 1873,
was the youngest of 13 children, born in the Kovno area. His parents
were Natan Pesah and Lena. He and five siblings emigrated (separately)
to the US. I haven't been successful in identifying his immigration
record - he came over between 1889 and 1892, very likely through NY.

I think we have his brother's immigration record, under last name
Jankelson (Chaim Jankelson, 27 May 1884). Another sibling's
immigration records mentions Ariogala, and another Raseiniai. I
suspect Natan Pesah Jacobson would have died in the 1890s, probably
the latter half of the decade.

Can anyone offer suggestions on where to look to find any records on
Natan Pesah and Lena, and their 13 children (born 1855-1873) in

Thank you,

Rebecca Hauer
Searching for JACOBSON in Kovno, Lithuania; RICHOLSON in Kalvaria,
Marijampoles, Lithunaia, GORDON in Panevezys, Lithunia, DEMBO in
Lithuania, LEIBOWITZ in Svisloch and Volkevysk, Belarus; KESSLER in
Vienna, Austria and Lemberg, Galicia; ROTH in Slovakia; KLAFTER in
Slovakia; ZOKENMAKHER in Konska Wola, Poland; RUBINSTEIN in Konska
Wola and Ryki, Poland; FINK in Skole, Ukraine; REINHARZ in L'viv,
Ukraine, HAUER in Bolechow; Ukraine; HECHT in Bolechow, Ukraine; ATLAS
in Lisko, Ukraine, HECHT in Frankfurt, Germany, STERN in Wieseck,

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