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Judith Singer

Hi - re Brenner >from Panevezys: Velvel was a nickname for Volf
(spelled in various ways) so I'd search for that name with a
"phonetically like" search mode.

As for Panevezys vs. Vilna: It's quite possible that all or part of
the family moved. Our forebears were peripatetic. They were pressured
by the Tsarist government to move >from villages to cities; many,
especially sons of working age (which could be as young as 15 or 16)
moved in search of economic opportunity; women upon marriage generally
moved to their new husband's home; and entire families might follow a
relative who had found prosperity elsewhere.

Panevezys is 82 miles >from Vilna, not an impossible distance.
Plus Vilna, as you say, might have been a generalization, most likely
referring to someplace in the Vilna Uyezd. It was not unusual to refer
to the uyezd in which one's home town was located rather than the town
itself, though that was more likely to occur in official documents
than in reminiscences. I would at least search all shtetls located
near Panevezys - JewishGEN will provide you a list using the Search
for Places by Location - Radius Search on the page

I'm not a member of the Panevesyz District Research Group (DRG), so
I don't know if there are any files specifically about the town of
Panevesyz available through the DRG only and not in the database. The
coordinator of the DRG might be able to tell you. Even if there are
not, there are recent databases of passports, emigration lists and
other Uyezd-wide files available only through the DRG that may be helpful.
If you can afford the extra $100, the DRGs are treasure troves of

JewishGEN has limited free information about South African Jews. Two
other locations with free information are the South Africa Jewish
Rootsbank at
and the National Archives of South Africa, located at

Even though you're trying to find information about the Brenners in
Panevesyz, the later South African files may furnish valuable data
about their past.

Good luck.

Judith Singer


Subject: Brenner/Brener from_Paneveys, Kovno
From: "Wendy Freebourne" <art@...>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 08:57:21 -0000
X-Message-Number: 1

I have at last tracked down a brother of my maternal grandmother, Fanny
Brenner, who emigrated to S Africa at the turn of the 19th century. His
name was Welwel (William) Brener. There was also another brother, Louis,
who also went to S Africa. Welwel told his grandchildren that he came
from Paneveys.
I have also been told that my grandmother was one of about 13 siblings.
My mother used to tell me they came >from Vilna, but that may have been a

I would be open to any suggestions about how to research this family in

Wendy Freebourne
Researching: BRENNER Paneveys, Kovno, Lithuania MOSCOVITCH, Latvia,
BOGODELNIK Ukraine/Bessarabia

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