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Howard Margol

I think you may have misunderstood the messages >from the Lithuanian
archives when you state they replied that they do not have records
pertaining to the Jewish communities of Lithuanian. They do have
records of Jews in Darbenai but not the records you are looking for.
On the Telsiai District web site, you will see various Darbenai
records. Unfortunately, your grandmother's birth record no longer exists.

One advantage of being a member of Litvak SIG ($36 annual dues) is the
ability to access the Members Only web site. Included is an index of all
existing Jewish vital records in the Historical Archive (LVIA). There,
you can see if vital records for particular years do exist. Otherwise, a
researcher can be looking for records that do not exist.

The Darbenai records listed on the Telsiai District web site include the
Internal Passport records. If you look at those records, you will see the
following individuals listed and the date of their internal passport.
These passports were not designed for travel but were proof of citizenship.

Israel PINTE - 18 May, 1920
Bertha PINTIENE - 2 June, 1920
Rose PINTIENE - 2 June, 1920
Mausha PINTE - 4 June, 1920
Eta PINTIENE - 25 June, 1920 (married)

The names certainly match your Rocha (Rose) and her parents, Moishe and
Etta. Israel and Bertha must be siblings of Rocha.

Your year of birth for Rocha, 1907, must be incorrect as she would have
been 13 years old in 1920. A person was not required to have an internal
passport until they reached the age of 17.

Unfortunately, the Darbenai internal passports list only includes the
internal passport itself, which included the front and the back of the
I.P. A photo of the individual is included. Most internal passport files
include additional documents of various types.

If you contact me personally, and not on the digest, I will tell you the
best way to obtain copies of the five internal passports listed above.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition
Founder, Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

<< From: Neil Korostoff nkorostoff@...
I joined the Telsiai District Research Group in October 2013 to help
me find proof of my grandmother's Lithuanian birth and citizenship. My
purpose is to apply for dual citizenship.

My grandmother was born as ROCHA PINTE in or near DURBIAN, Lithuania.

Surname: PINTE
Mother's name: ETTA
Father's name: MOISHE
Religion: Jewish
Place of birth: DARBENAI, DURBIAN
Date of birth: March(?) 1907
Year left Lithuania: January 1921

I have a copy of the passenger ship manifest for her arrival in the
U.S. and a photocopy only of the Lithuanian external passport for her
travel to Hamburg, Germany in 1921 which I can share in the hopes it
can lead to a search for the original. It appears that the external
passport (Auslands-Pass No. 11556) is written in German though it
bears the heading and seal of "Litauische Republik" likely when it was
under German administration in

I have applied to both the Lithuanian Central State archives and the
Lithuanian State Historical Archives for information about her birth
certificate. Both agencies replied that they do not have records
pertaining to the Jewish communities of Lithuanian.

I have assembled certified copies of the other naturalization,
marriage and birth certificates necessary to apply for dual
citizenship. I only lack an official document proving my grandmother's
Lithuanian origin and citizenship. Any help or advice you can supply
would be greatly appreciated. >>

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