Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Industries in Kovno and Vilna around 1900 #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz

While there are resources in the Lithuanian Archives for researching the
industrial heritage of Lithuania. one can find quite a number of
references online on this topic. There are also a number of museums which
focus on this aspect of the Lithuanian economy.

One link which may be of interest is:
which mentions that in 1900 there were 4,000 works with 24,000 workers
in Lithuania and, in fact, at one time, Lithuania was known to have the
largest shoe factory in Europe. Further, the "Vestfalija" metalworks
in Kaunas had 1,010 workers which was one of the largest industries
in the town.

In addition, the main public libraries in Kaunas and Vilnius have
resources which may prove of interest too. One site for the Kaunas
Pubic Library mentions a number of factories, not all owned or
operated by Jews:

Ann Rabinowitz

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