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Judith Singer

Thank you Ann. You have already answered one or my two underlying

About half of my maternal grandfather's Charny relatives, born in or
near Kavarskas, were employed in the shoe manufacturing business after
they immigrated to the U.S. As I search ship manifests (what a
wonderful source of information) for other Charnys who may be related,
I noticed that in the occasional statements of occupation in the
manifests, shoemaking seems to be the specific occupation most often
mentioned. I had already been wondering if my ancestors' work in
shoemaking was due to their having worked in shoe manufacturing jobs,
or whether the first brother to arrive happened to have found a job in
that industry and the other brother followed him. (I asked about Kovno
and Vilna as they are the cities where my rural ancestors would most
likely have gone in search of jobs.) The preponderance of shoemakers
in the manifests gave credibility to the first possibility, and my now
learning that there was a large shoemaking factory In Kovno further
substantiates. At this point, I don't need to know for sure that my
ancestors worked in a shoemaking factory in Lithuania; I'm satisfied
with merely some basis in fact for my speculation.

Since you seem knowledgeable in the area of industrial development,
perhaps you know offhand whether there was a soda-bottling factory in
the same period, 1895-1900, in Kovno, Vilna, or perhaps Vilkomir
(Ukmerge) or Anyksciai.

My grandfather and one of his brothers, as well as an ancestor on my
maternal grandmother's family, worked in the soda-bottling business
after immigrating to the U.S., so once again I wondered if this was
due to experience gained in Lithuania. I would guess that if so, the
factories were small, since the two brothers each opened their own
soda-bottling businesses here, and having worked in a small
establishment would have given them an opportunity to learn many
aspects of the business beyond what a laborer might learn in a large

Thank you for the help you've already provided; additional information
would merely add rich frosting to the cake.

Judith Singer (researching Charnys in Kavarskas, Vilkomir (Ukmerge),
Kovno, Vilna and Belarus)

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