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I'm hoping someone can help me extract data >from two 1889 death records:

Zusko Bergzon, my 3rd great-grandfather

Izrael Bergzon, brother of my 2nd great-grandfather

I taught myself to extract data >from the Polish records, but have a
mental block when it comes to Ancient Cyrillic.

Thanks to information I received >from a fellow researcher looking
into the Bergzon/Berkson name in a nearby town, I can now place
24 of the 25 Lozdzieje for Bergzon that are in the JRI-Poland database
into my family tree (the 25th record just doesn't seem to fit).
I've also expanded this branch of my tree to include several other
surnames (Zyngier, Kaufman), and traced three first cousins,three
times removed to the Kansas City area. I wonder if my g-grandfather,
Jeruchim Bergzon (aka Ruben Berger) in NYC, kept in touch with his
cousins in the Mid-West. These are not distant cousins but I never
heard of them.

Thanks for your help.
Sharon Klein
Suwanee, GA...but still have my Long Island accent;-)

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