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Jonathan Buchholz <jonathanbuchholz@...>

Hello everybody,

Just embarked on this pretty intense journey of genealogy and wanted to say
hello! I am Jonathan, currently living in Cologne, Germany, and looking
into my maternal family's history. They all came >from Lithuania, Vilnius
being the last city people lived in.

I haven't gotten any further than the surnames Sznejder & Dajnovsky, but
I am coming to the United States thin November to talk with the older
relatives and to visit Yivo. Since I am very new to this and I don't know
when I will have the money and time to return to the States, I was
wondering whether anyone in this group would feel like meeting up and
giving me some hints?

I would be very very grateful!

Looking forward to this!

the best of greetings,
Jonathan Buchholz

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